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Hello, I'm Shawn Banach. Founder and President of Quality Window & Pressure Cleaning. In 1991, while still in High School, I started Quality Window & Pressure Cleaning in a co-op program. Everyday I would go door to door, shop to shop asking businesses and homeowners if they would like their windows cleaned. The clientele built fast. By age 20 I hired my first employee. At the time my main focus was restaurants and storefronts. There were over 300 stores on a route being maintained on a monthly basis. I saw the need for home pressure Screen Shot 2017 10 24 at 8.50.42 AM5washing and window cleaning due to the overwhelming demand by homeowners. Through the years commercial accounts, but our main focus is homeowners. Through the years we saw the need for pressure washing and window cleaning due to the overwhelming demand by homeowners in the Peachtree City and Newnan areas. With the help of more employees and word of mouth advertising we averaged 800 homes washed each year. Making sure the customer is getting their moneys worth, and being completely satisfied with our work is my greatest goal. I treat your home as if it were my own. I place myself in the customer's shoes as to how I would feel if I hired a contractor. I would want a fast response to a phone call. I would want them to be on time, thorough and trustworthy. So with over 20 years experience I have been able to do just that and build lasting friendships and loyal customers. Thank you for visiting my story. I hope this will encourage you to use Quality Window & Pressure Cleaning.


-Shawn Banach